Re-add the "current line" DIFF pane at the bottom of the Changes pane

Justin W 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

Previous versions of SmartGit showed a small pane at the bottom of the Changes pane which showed the DIFF of the current/selected line. After upgrading to the new version (which supports Unified and Side-by-side DIFF), that "current line diff" pane is gone, and I cannot find any options/settings to re-enable it. Please add it back. It is a VERY useful feature, especially when the main Changes pane is in side-by-side mode (since you simultaneously get the best of both modes).


I think that this RFE was declined without sufficient cause. The given reason for declining it is inaccurate, IMO. See my reply below.

Satisfaction mark by Justin W 2 months ago

Yes, this line is gone because the unified diff solves this purpose.

I strongly disagree that the Unified mode "solves the problem" that the removed feature solved.

I like the side-by-side view for reviewing many kinds of changes, but it makes it harder to see small intra-line changes.

And the Unified diff makes it harder to see relative size of the before/after sections.

So in the new version I'm now forced to swap back and forth between the 2 modes, which is both irritating and also inferior to the previous behavior (of "simultaneous side-by-side plus mini-unified"). Even if the mode switch is easy, it still results in a refresh of the Changes pane which requires my eyes to reacquire the code block I'm trying to review after each mode switch. Not a good UX, and results in much more visual strain and effort vs the previous behavior.

Please reconsider bringing the mini-unified sub-pane feature back, at least as an option.