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In the Working Tree or Log window right-click your local branch and select "Set Tracked Branch".

Could you please describe the use case in more details? Do you want to "show all except of feature branches"?

Please keep in mind that other users might use network shares or removable disks.

You already should be able to set a shortcut even if it duplicates another. You will get asked whether to unset or keep the other.

In the Repositories view's hamburger menu you can find an item to select all obsolete repositories.

That is by design. System leaves everything to the system/default SWT implementation. Only the other options are using our code.

For which setting of styledtext.wordCaretMovementType  you are seeing this behavior?

Thanks for the input.

Regarding the new C# syntax: could you please provide a short example illustrating it at Thanks in advance.

Correction: "system" is the equivalent of styledtext.useOwnWordBoundaryDetection = false

> word-boundaries also stops once per space but also stops at underscores, like system

Sorry, I don't understand this. Could you please explain on an example?