Highlight Parent commit(s) in Log view if parent is not directly below

Colin Richardson 3 years ago updated by Christopher Kline 3 years ago 1

When commit is selected if the parent commit is not the commit directly below, could it be indicated some how? Dot outline a different colour? Dot fill a different colour? Track Line Colour? I don't mind which. If the commit has multiple parents, then maybe highlight all parents, even if one of the parents is directly below, since that could cause confusion. (I say all parents, rather than both parents, since I have a few octopus merges). It's hard to track all of the lines some times. I know there is Alt+Down to jump to parent, but I sometimes don't want to jump to the commit, I just want to visualise them.

This would definitely be helpful when looking at a log view with many branches. I would suggest bolding the parent commit and drawing in a bold the path from the selected commit to the parent.