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Auto file backup on Discard

Sync 4 days ago • updated by Thomas Singer 17 hours ago 6

Log : ability to search on SVN rev

Pierre Goiffon 5 days ago • updated yesterday at 11:28 a.m. 4

Spell-checker: optionally prevent commit with typos

Thomas Singer 6 days ago • updated by Shmulik Flint 6 days ago 1

Log : don't hide svn rev in results

Pierre Goiffon 1 week ago • updated 6 days ago 3

Add button to filter submodules out of Files

Ram Rachum 1 week ago • updated 1 week ago 4

Blame submenu up to x years

Thomas Hansen 2 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 3

Force Commit dialog to always select Staged Changes

Dan Gibson 3 weeks ago • updated by Thomas Singer 3 weeks ago 1