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Checkout: handle "Nested Root" for submodule Deletion

Mario123 1 week ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 week ago 0

Merge-commit: allow author field edit

Sync 2 weeks ago 0

Mass checkout or group actions on common-name branches in different projects

maL oun 4 weeks ago updated 4 weeks ago 0

Add option to not show files modified on EOLs only

NinjaCross 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 2

Log, Branches: Add ORIG_HEAD to list of Branches that can be viewed

David Rees 1 month ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 month ago 0

Show progress for Filtering Content during clone [SG-15033]

Alpaka 2 months ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 months ago 1

Make it possible to add an empty folder to a repository

Markus2021 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 4

Rename: allow to move file to not yet existing directories

Markus2021 2 months ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 months ago 7