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DeepGit: history of a chunck of code

giacomo villanti 5 years ago in DeepGit updated 4 years ago 5

With intelliJ git client it is possibile to view the list of commits where a chunck of code has been modified.

With SmartGit it is possibile only to see the history of commits where a file has been modified i.e. it is not possibile view only commits relative to the chunck of code i want to analize.

As for example if the first 10 lines of a file has been modified only two times and the other part of the file has been modified 50 times it would be usefull to have only the commit where the first ten lines has been modified.


Investigate/DeepGit: compact diff

Всеволод Голованов 3 years ago in DeepGit updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 1

I really like Investigate, how it allows you to view things from different angles.

But it's missing compact diff. Instead Log has it, which seems to be the only reason to use Log.