DeepGit: history of a chunck of code

giacomo.villanti 1 year ago updated 4 weeks ago 5

With intelliJ git client it is possibile to view the list of commits where a chunck of code has been modified.

With SmartGit it is possibile only to see the history of commits where a file has been modified i.e. it is not possibile view only commits relative to the chunck of code i want to analize.

As for example if the first 10 lines of a file has been modified only two times and the other part of the file has been modified 50 times it would be usefull to have only the commit where the first ten lines has been modified.

Satisfaction mark by giacomo.villanti 4 weeks ago

This is actually something I'm currently working on for DeepGit. But maybe DeepGit will already be helpful to you in its current form: Query|Investigate .

I regularly use DeepGit like this and this change would help narrow the hunt by not displaying commits irrelevant to the changed lines.  Thank you for making the change!


A screenshot of what is currently present (work-in-progress): for the selected lines (orange), you will see the restricted Navigation graph. In this graph, you will see:
  • all of the selected commits (orange dot)
  • all commits for predecessor lines, .i.e replaced lines (black dot)
  • auxiliary merge commits which are necessary to display the filtered lines with a reasonable structure (gray font)

Resolved in DeepGit 4, SmartGit 20.1.