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subtree support [SG-9149]

Marc Strapetz 8 years ago updated 3 years ago 21

Support for "git subtree" command (add, pull, push, merge, split) and its specific commit layout

Missing Git feature

True dark color mode

Mickaël PERRIN 8 years ago updated by 张辞武 5 years ago 59

Latest RC introduced a dark color scheme.

This is good but sadly when working at night the side panes are still white and occurs lot of eye strain.

I would love to see a color switch of the whole interface including panes, menus, button bar...


"Pin" branches to the left in the log.

mmurrell 8 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 6 years ago 15

Update: If you want to explicitly specify the sort order of branches, vote for

In a typical workflow, I develop on a "Sprint" branch, merge code into a "Test" branch, followed by a merge into a "Production" branch. However, the ordering of commits in SmartGit can make it challenging to see exactly where my Test/Prod branches were merged. Further, it can be challenging to see if a certain commit has made it live.

I have photoshopped a sample (below) of my log to describe the desired end-case. In this example, the "Production" branch has been pinned to the left, and was randomly chosen to be yellow. The Test branch has been pinned second to the left in red. The Sprint branch has been pinned as the third branch is in Green.

All other commits on un-pinned branches revert to the display logic that currently exists in Smart-Git

Image 30


Log: make branch-line coloring easier to understand [SG-11160]

gsimard 8 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 6 years ago 63

Purple, green, pink, orange, thin/thick lines .... what branch is which?

Image 1

It would be useful to have a mean to determine the branch associated to each line.

Also, hoovering the mouse cursor over a line would show the branch name and the last 'x' GIT operations made against that branch.

Topics, related to further improvements:

Missing Git feature

GitLab: enhanced integration [SG-9710]

Marc Strapetz 8 years ago updated 4 years ago 18

Support for displaying merge requests, like for the GitHub integration

Hosting provider

Apply Stash: allow ability to apply selected files only

lesley_freed 8 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 4 years ago 14

Applying a stash may fail due to conflicts. It would be helpful to be able to view what is in a stash and selectively apply a subset of the files.


Azure DevOps integration (like GitHub, Bitbucket)

hrant 7 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 105

Visual Studio Team Services is a popular and common tool among .net developers.

Although SmartGit can clone / pull ... from the Git repo, it is lacking proper integration similar to Github.

For example it would be desired to be able to do Pull Requests from within SmartGit, rather than jumping to another tool.


All settings should be discoverable and editable in a UI dialog

Christopher Kline 7 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 6 years ago 8

There's a large number of very useful customizations that can be made via


  1. It's very hard to know what all the available options are (they're scattered across various web pages, and these docs are sometimes updated sporadically or slowly)
  2. There's no way to know when a new setting become available unless it happens to be mentioned in the release notes (which it often is not), and you are diligent enough to read every release note
  3. When properties are removed from the application, they can remain (non-functional) in your
  4. If the setting is misspelled in, there's no obvious indication of a problem

What I would like is for a UI dialog (perhaps "Customize") to list, document (via a tooltip) and allow editing of every supported setting that can be configured in

I'm fine with the editing being raw text like it is now. I just want everything in one place.

A bonus would be a column listing what version the setting was introduced in, so it's easy to see when new settings have been added.


Log, Files view: allow to compare Index against arbitrary commit

Marc Strapetz 8 years ago updated by Davide F 2 years ago 7

Allows to see the diff between the Index and the selected commit.

See also:

Missing Git feature

Log: show differences recursive into submodules

Lozsa 6 years ago updated by Edoardo Bezzeccheri 1 year ago 2

As in the GIT the diff recursive to submodules is already available, I would really love to use them on a graphical GUI of Smartgit as well. In the latest version we only see that there was a commit reference change on the submodule level, but we don't see what happened inside. So, we go to the submodule, search for the commit hashes and check the differences, but it is sometimes very annoying and tedious.