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Show all modified line endings in diff viewers

ubruhin 1 year ago • updated by Thomas Singer 5 months ago 13

Until now, modified EOLs are nearly not visible in SmartGit. There's only a label which shows for example "EOL: Unix vx. Windows", but it's very easy to overlook it because the diff itself shows no changes.

In addition, if a file has different EOLs, SmartGit just says "EOL: Mixed" but does not show which line has which line ending. And staging/discarding them line by line is also not possible.

In my opinion, differences in EOLs should be visible in diff viewers with some kind of symbol on each line, like "git diff" does. So the user can see which line has which line ending, and can even fix them by staging or discarding line by line, just like all other changes.

This feature may be useless on Windows with "core.autocrlf=true", but on other operating systems or with "core.autocrlf=false" this would be extremely helpful because one can see and fix introduced EOL changes.


Log: show index/working tree (as "virtual" commits on top of HEAD) [SG-11650]

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago • updated by Pierre Goiffon 2 weeks ago 10

Allow to collapse unchanged blocks of code in diff view

Krzysztof Kot 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 11 months ago 23

Tool that I'm currently using allow this and it saves me a lot of scrolling so for me it would be nice feature.


Git: Interactive Rebase

Robert Pösel 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 11 months ago 11

Support interactive rebase directly from SmartGit.


Replace "Commit" button with "Continue Rebase", "Discard" with "Abort Rebase", etc. [SG-10349]

omegatron 2 years ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 6

To continue rebase after fixing a conflict, you have to press Commit.

To abort it, you select the project and press Discard?

These aren't very clear actions. It would be better if the buttons actually changed their names while in the middle of a rebase.


Import/Export SmartGit settings

iglvzx 1 year ago • updated by Thomas Singer 5 months ago 3

I would love the ability to export my SmartGit settings into a single config file so then I can easily & quickly import my settings later when reinstalling or installing on a new system.

I am aware you can sync/copy settings from one SmartGit installation to another by copying over the various .XML files in the SmartGit settings folder, but this can be messy and cause problems if not done correctly.


Git: Stash selected files [SG-10576]

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago • updated by Henrik Heimbuerger 2 years ago 3

Project-level ignore

omegatron 1 year ago • updated by Thomas Singer 5 months ago 1

As in this comment

> It would be awesome to have an option "Add To Ignore List" which allows to choose "add to .gitignore" or "add to .git/info/exclude (will be ignored at this computer only)".

When we right-click on a file to ignore it, it should give the option of ignoring it in a .gitignore (that gets committed along with the repo) or .git/info/exclude (which is unique to our computer) or a global gitignore for all repos (garbage files like Thumbs.db. etc)


Add a "git clean" feature (remove untracked files)

ubruhin 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 5 months ago 8

Sometimes one want to clean up the working directory by removing all untracked files, which on the command line is done by the "git clean" command. It would be great to have this feature available in SmartGit.

The most important flags of the "git clean" command may be available as check boxes:

  • -d: Remove untracked directories
  • -x: Also remove ignored files
  • -X: Only remove ignored files

The -f flag (force) may automatically be used(?).

See also


Log: integrate into main window

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago • updated by Pierre Goiffon 6 months ago 27

Alternative solution

Instead of having a separate Log window, this should be part of the main window in order to have all functionality of SmartGit be available in a single window.

This would mean to add all views of the Log to the main window, duplicating a couple of them with slightly different meaning, e.g. the Changes view in the Log is purely read-only, but can show comments - the one in the repository window can be used to stage/unstage; the Files view in the Log does not allow any of the main window's commands; the Branches view in the Log allows toggling anchor commits for the Commits graph and shows additional items, e.g. recyclable commits. It would be a horrible amount of work and still would require stand-alone Log windows, e.g. for file or subdirectory logs.