Changes view: optionally wrap lines

Robert Hannah 4 years ago updated by Igor Santos 2 months ago 6

To avoid horizontal scrolling

Robert, please give the latest 8.1 preview a try. It's not what you are asking, but maybe helps a step forward.

Thomas, I'm unclear as to what feature/configuration option you're proposing as a potential substitute for being able to set/unset line wrapping in the changes display. It's a feature I'm desperate to see added to SmartGit as well, and if there's currently an analogue for it in the software that I'm unaware of I'd like to shed that ignorance posthaste. Could you more precisely describe what you're suggesting we try?

This is essential nowadays. Most (all?) tools we use support auto-wrap, and this is very important for things like docblocks or documentation files. Force users to wrap every 80 or 120 chars is not good because a small change in the middle of a paragraph may force all the following lines to incorporate changes that are not really meaningful.

Could you please show a screenshot of most/all tools that support line-wrap for a file compare? Thanks in advance.


Here's an example in PHPStorm :

It's really weird to have to visually prove that "other editors have line wrapping", as if that was a novelty in 2020, but here it goes, Meld, a common diff viewer for Gnome...