Support Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

carryyou1307 2 years ago updated by wuqingyi22 6 months ago 4

Microsoft already officially released Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) where we can install and use Linux commands. SmartGit on Windows should provide an option to use the git version installed on this subsystem (to use other command line tools as needed)

I second this :)

WSL interoperability documentation:


Take not that full WSL interoperability needs every command to run under WSL in the current working directory for the project. What I mean is that invoking Git with "wsl git" (or bash -c "git") won't be enough for full interoperability. For instance, think about Git hooks that might run npm commands, those also need to run under WSL.

WSL/Windows paths also need to be converted from one to the other with "wsl wslpath":


What will be the minimum amount of requirements to get "wslgit" running with SmartGit?

I got it somehow working to commit inside smartgit using wsl. I use https://github.com/hangxingliu/wslgit to link into my WSL installation. Tree view and compare also works but as soon I want to push the content I get stuck in things like..D:\...> git.bat -c credential.helper=D:/.../SmartGit/lib/credentials.cmd push --porcelain --progress --recurse-submodules=check ...

as for sure the git inside wsl does nether know D:/... nor is able to run the credentials.cmd.

As smartgit also works with linux, there need to be some alternative commands. Might not be the biggest step to get it completely running ;)

I made some tweak to wslgit, now it is sort of working with Smartgit, check it out https://github.com/bread22/wslgit