Improve working with repositories located on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago updated by Koloman 5 months ago 4

SmartGit on Windows can access repositories located in the WSL file system, however there are a couple of issues:

  • executable bits are not detected
  • symlinks are not detected
  • bad refresh performance ("git status")
  • tricky re-configuration is required to use the Linux Git executable from within WSL

Useful information on how to access repositories on WSL with SmartGit in general can be found at topic 724.

Note: this topic is about running SmartGit installed on Windows and accessing repositories stored in WSL. If you want to run SmartGit directly in WSL, vote for topic 1408.

Hello SmartGit team. Any updates for this? I recently moved onto WSL2 and now I'm unable to use SmartGit at all because it works slow and buggy with WSL2 filesystem.

I'll happilly extend my license when you implement this feature :)

Please check SmartGit 23.1 preview for which we have improved WSLg support significantly in the last builds.


Hi Thomas. But this ticket is about SmartGit running from Windows. WSLg is different.

Great stuff! But most people will use SmartGit for Windows with a couple of repos living in WSL. Running SmartGit in WSL will not be extremely helpful I guess.