Log: show index/working tree (as "virtual" commits on top of HEAD) [SG-11650]

Marc Strapetz 8 years ago updated by Pierre Goiffon 6 years ago 10
Missing Git feature

That would be great! By the way, gitk already has this feature:

I like that a lot, it's great when using the Log Window a lot like I do!

This feature would make it very easy to seamlessly review both historical changes and current ones. I believe this idea is closely connected with this one: http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/145-log-integrate-into-main-window/#comment-1036


Atlassian SourceTree does something similar and I must confess that it throws me off. The "rounded dots" are commits (even if you change their color).  So if we do this, then you should use a completely different icon (like you see for Stashes for example). It must be 100% clear to the user these are not "commits". (and if I do not want to see them, you can hide them).  
True that it would also give a way to quickly see the uncommitted files without hunting for the main window in your desktop.


Will be present in upcoming 18.2 preview.


18.2 preview 1 is released -- we appreciate your feedback!


Just installed the preview, I love the way index and working tree are displayed in the log window !! For now everything works perfectly ! I'm using the log window as my main window, so I'll test it intensively in the next days... will keep you informed !

Great job, many thanks !