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Repositories view: group in group

Mickaël PERRIN 2 years ago • updated by Helder Rossa 2 years ago 6

Groups are a good way to organize git repos, but what about organizing groups in groups ? It would add a useful tree view for organizing projects...


Advanced multi-worktree support

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 5 months ago 9
Git Need More User Input

All SmartGit settings in a single dialog

Thomas Hansen 2 years ago • updated by Christopher Kline 1 year ago 6

Currently there is:

- repository / settings

- edit / customize

- edit / settings

- remote / properties

- changes / settings

How about making 1 settings dialog under "edit/settings" and putting all setting in there. In tabs or ordered in a way similar to how Visual studio does it (tree view).


Upgrade should be entirely seamless

Ram Rachum 2 years ago • updated by Walt Destler 1 year ago 2

I'm tired of opening SmartGit and waiting for it to upgrade itself, or even see the toaster message notifying me of a new build. Just do the upgrade completely seamlessly, like Chrome, without me even knowing SmartGit gets upgraded.


Conflict Solver: show base file [SG-7715]

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago • updated by cppLord 6 months ago 28

In addition to the left - merge - right view, have a left - base - right view which shows the "base" file (as it's part of Git's index). This helps to understand the actual independent changes in the left and the right fork.


Highlight Parent commit(s) in Log view if parent is not directly below

Colin Richardson 1 year ago • updated by Christopher Kline 1 year ago 1

When commit is selected if the parent commit is not the commit directly below, could it be indicated some how? Dot outline a different colour? Dot fill a different colour? Track Line Colour? I don't mind which. If the commit has multiple parents, then maybe highlight all parents, even if one of the parents is directly below, since that could cause confusion. (I say all parents, rather than both parents, since I have a few octopus merges). It's hard to track all of the lines some times. I know there is Alt+Down to jump to parent, but I sometimes don't want to jump to the commit, I just want to visualise them.


Log window: provide Index and working tree operations (so it can be used as alternate main window) [SG-11648]

Marc Strapetz 9 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 2 weeks ago 23

The Log window should show Index and working tree and provide (almost) the same operations as the main window. The Repositories view should also be added. The ultimate goal is to make the Log window powerful enough so it can replace the main window for those users which prefer a Log-style Git client over a File Command-style one (as SmartGit's main window currently is).

This is a kind of meta issue and includes:

It's an alternative to:


Add subtle indicator that commit message is multi-paragraph

Sync 1 year ago • updated by a.doerfler 8 months ago 7

In both the Journal and Log view, we don't know if there are more information in the commit message unless we click it and look at the [Details], because SmartGit only displays the first paragraph of the commit message in the [Commits] column (a normal Git convention, adhered by most Git GUIs). It would be nice if I am able to know which commits have extra info, and which commits don't.

Currently, commit messages that don't fit the column are truncated with an ellipsis. One idea is to move this ellipsis limit a bit further to the left, and add a tiny light-gray arrow-down icon (or anything better) to indicate that there are more paragraphs for this commit.


Log: List files of multiselected commits (not just a single range)

Obrad Guresic 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 6

If someone multi selects commits (not just a single range) in Log all the files from the selected commits should be listed then, instead of first commit


Log: Files list, please add "Open" and "Reveal in Explorer" in Context Menu

penski 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 14

List of files in main window has context menu with functions like: "Open" and

"Reveal in Explorer"

I miss them in the context menu of List of files of the LOG window