Quickly locate/edit Git ignore files

gsimard 8 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 7 years ago 6

.gitignore, exclude and where the hec is that global Git ignore file again???

Please add a mechanism where the user would be presented with a list of Git ignore file(s) that are in effect for a repository and add the ability to launch an editor against each ignore file.

Missing Git feature

So you just want a way to open the gitignore files of a selected repository? Maybe an external tool would solve this problem already?


It would be awesome to have an option "Add To Ignore List" which allows to choose "add to .gitignore" or "add to .git/info/exclude (will be ignored at this computer only)".

This seems like a different request. Please post it separately.


To add onto this. There have been times when I have no been able to find all the .gitignore files that are being parsed on a particular repo.

As I have a global .gitignore + sometimes one that is on the repo root, but then there have been times when they are deep within the folder structure and I have not thought to look.

So a little "Ignore manager" might be useful. Could use this interface to easily list all the ignored files/folders and possibly highly "WHY" they are ignored.. Which .gitignore file (or possibly multiple) are the reason why the file is being ignored.

... Hmm, I think when I have time I may write this down as a full blown request.