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SmartSynchronize: Mark files for comparison from explorer context menu

Mario123 5 years ago in SmartSynchronize updated by Michael 5 years ago 4

Unlike ExamDiff there seems to be no possibility to mark files for comparison from the context menu of windows explorer. That would be a great extension.

Use case:

Select one file in windows explorer, use right click to open the context menu and then click on "Add to Comparison".

After that add another file to comparison using the context menu and select "Compare against xyz.ztx"


Standard window, Open Submodule: make opening easier

Thomas Singer 7 months ago in SmartSynchronize 0

Especially, if there are no local changes, currently, opening a submodule means to switch to the Local Files view, selecting the Submodule category, double clicking the submodule.

There should be an easier way.

Standard window

Exclude directories on SmartSynchronize

mikem 2 years ago in SmartSynchronize updated 2 years ago 2

Hi there,

I'm often comparing different React front end projects from different repos and use SmartSynchronize to do that, been using SmartGit and SmartSynchronize for years, it's great.

I would love it if SmartSynchronize could be configured to exclude analyzing certain directories such as node_modules perhaps in the SmartSynchronize preferences or somewhere else, much like how a .gitconfig can be used to exclude node_modules by adding that directory name to that file.




SmartSynchronize blank comparison

My-Tien 4 years ago in SmartSynchronize updated 3 years ago 2

A comparison window with blank views where you can simply drag and drop text in to compare with each other – like in Meld – would be very nice.


SmartSynchronize - Add in-place copy and in-place rename

Peter Slížik 5 years ago in SmartSynchronize updated by Thomas Singer 5 years ago 3

Please, add the in-place copy and in-place rename features as implemented by e.g. Total Commander and Midnight Commander - the functionality is assigned to Shift+F5 and Shift+F6 shortcuts.

I'm aware that files can be copied and renamed in-place using F5 or F6 keys - but hey, the usage is not that fluent.

And, please, don't invent your own shortcuts if there is a long-term tradition of their assignment. Shift+F5 stays for Create Link in SmartSynchronize - and this is not good, because people may use other commanders (possibly on other systems) at the same time and the muscle memory works (in this case, it works against SmartSynchronize, as it is a new kid on the block). Moreover, the users of "commanders" are quite conservative, I believe - if they were not, they'd be using the more "modern" file managers, e.g. Windows Explorer, Dolphin, Nautilus, etc.


SmartSynchronize close with esc key

alexander schoelzhorn 6 years ago in SmartSynchronize updated by Liviu Grigorescu 2 years ago 4

close window with esc on windows