SmartSynchronize - Add in-place copy and in-place rename

Peter Slížik 1 year ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 3

Please, add the in-place copy and in-place rename features as implemented by e.g. Total Commander and Midnight Commander - the functionality is assigned to Shift+F5 and Shift+F6 shortcuts.

I'm aware that files can be copied and renamed in-place using F5 or F6 keys - but hey, the usage is not that fluent.

And, please, don't invent your own shortcuts if there is a long-term tradition of their assignment. Shift+F5 stays for Create Link in SmartSynchronize - and this is not good, because people may use other commanders (possibly on other systems) at the same time and the muscle memory works (in this case, it works against SmartSynchronize, as it is a new kid on the block). Moreover, the users of "commanders" are quite conservative, I believe - if they were not, they'd be using the more "modern" file managers, e.g. Windows Explorer, Dolphin, Nautilus, etc.

What benefit would have the in-place copy/rename?
Regarding the Shift+F5 default shortcut for Create Link: what other shortcut do you suggest? I'd consider it is some kind of lightweight copying.


I'm not sure if my answer satisfies you - it's more like "once you get used to it, you'll miss it if you don't have it."

I don't have a Windows machine here, so I can't make a screenshot of Total Commander - but basically, Ctrl+F6 changes the selected line in the ListView to a LineEdit. (This means that no dialog window is opened.) The file name is preselected, which means that you can either start typing a new name, or you can use the arrow keys to edit only a part of the name. And the cherry on the cake - if you don't delete the file name, but keep pressing Ctrl+F6 repeatedly, the selection changes between the whole file name (including the extension) and the basename (name sans suffix).

With copying - I think it is only that Total Commander does not prefill the dialog with the path to a file that will be created in the other panel, but rather a single file name.

Regarding a shortcut for Create Link - I don't have a suggestion. Midnight Commander uses an ugly "Ctrl+X L" (chained) combination. Maybe something with Alt can do.

For me, my motivation for writing this feature request was that during the recent years I spent a long time searching for a decent two-panel file manager for Linux. Most of them are just lacking stuff, maybe even the basic functionality - and I tried a lot of them. The interface of some of them looks overcrowded. Finally I found one that I like - but it was abandoned. And what happened next - suddenly my favorite diff tool has been turned into a full-fledged file manager with a nice sleek interface. This is simply GREAT! And a one of world's best diff&merge tools is integrated directly into it! So don't be surprised I started asking for features that I'm used to from other commanders.

Anyway, my general view is that with file managers, the general functionality should be identical among implementations and it is only the extras (like FTP support, ZIP reading&writing, etc.) where an individual implementation can shine.

Thanks for the kind words.

I have tried Total Commander now again. I used it nearly 20 years ago until I found Altap Salamander (and on Mac/Linux used MC).

Regarding Shift+F5: With SmartSynchronize the plain copy (F5) can do both, copy to the other panel and copy to the same directory. For the latter you just need to type the new name.

Regarding Shift+F6: SmartSynchronize (F2) preselects the file name without extension, but a Ctrl+A selects all. Yes, no identical replacement, but IMHO a more standard approach.

Did you found out how to change the shortcuts in SmartSynchronize (Edit | Customize)?

Regarding your last paragrap ("the general functionality should be identical among implementations"): this is not possible because there are a lot of file managers available and each makes something somehow different. Our aim it to no implement everything that exists in all other file managers, but rather pick the best ideas with clear benefit, e.g. the directory history (Ctrl+P) inspired by fman.