SmartSynchronize: Mark files for comparison from explorer context menu

Mario123 5 years ago in SmartSynchronize updated by Michael 5 years ago 4

Unlike ExamDiff there seems to be no possibility to mark files for comparison from the context menu of windows explorer. That would be a great extension.

Use case:

Select one file in windows explorer, use right click to open the context menu and then click on "Add to Comparison".

After that add another file to comparison using the context menu and select "Compare against xyz.ztx"

It should be possible to copy the second file and then invoke SmartSynchronize on the first file. In the occurring welcome dialog the copied file should be preselected in the second file input field.

Thank you for your reply. Indeed this is pretty much what I wanted, but:

  • To accelerate this even more it would be great when the opening dialogue would be skipped and the files are immediately compared
  • This procedure doesn't work for folders.

I miss this too.  WinMerge has this feature and is the easiest way to launch.

Explorers context menu tends to grow in general. For example, if Beyond Compare is installed, exactly the same functionality  will be found there. And while this might be justified for a general comparison program, reasons for a specialized VCS tool doing the same by utilizing the overall OS interface and not inside his own UI could be questioned.

Best general strategy is IMO some configurable variant as it can be found in Tortoise. I like the granulated approach there: Not only can you select (almost) completely what is visible in the context menu at all, but also what migrates into a sub menu if desired.