Submodule Add: option at which branch the submodule should be added [SG-14489]

Marc Strapetz 8 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

This should populate the submodule.<name>.branch parameter:

[submodule "meta"]

path= meta

url= ../meta


Hi Marc,

are there any plans to support branches in submodules for 18.2?



No, it's not planned for 18.2.

It would help in managing flows using many submodules.


- the submodule is branched off to support a new hardware platform XYZ

- the parent repository should now also branch off a branch XYZ (named like in the submodule) and then link to the submodule of branch XYZ.

The mentioned proposal could help in such a flow, if the submodule is fleshly added to the parent and a user want to jump directly to branch XYZ for the new variation.


This option will be present in upcoming version 22.1 Preview.