Git bisect support

Daniel 7 years ago updated by Pierre Goiffon 6 years ago 8

Support of git bisect functionality.

Missing Git feature

I've already submitted this Idea a few years ago:

  1. the GUI should at least informs you off the git bisect operation in progress.
  2. the Log could add colors to already tested commits (as to firsts good/bad ones)
  3. the GUI could offer a "Bisect Reset" option to get out of this mode

Yeah bissecting is getting very popular and useful nowdays. Would be nice if it could make it up to smartgit :)

Do you know any other Git GUI client which already supports bisecting? Until now I only have done manual bisecting with a "good" and "bad" branch.

The GitExtensions project have some GUI for bisect mode and is working good enough. This option in general is very rare in git GUIs.

I don't know any Git Cllients that i have used that handle this. And now i mostly use SmartGit anyways :)

But what i know is that when bissecting is needed that it's just sad i have to go back to commandline :)


Some documentation or a video on how to use it would be great. I think I've worked it out, but I couldn't find anything about it.

I agree ! Using the functionnality is not so complicated, but the first time you're just feeling really unconfortable. Plus, some corner use cases (exemple : stepping over a commit) might be handled but as a user you can't be sure...