Advanced multi-worktree support

Marc Strapetz 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 12
Git Need More User Input

Proposal for a start: Menu "Local" -> "Add worktree". Then create an additional repository in the `Repositories` view for the new worktree.

I use multiple worktrees quite actively. Now I do all handling from command line and it works but is a bit cumbersome. Adding just "Add worktree" and "Delete worktree" which will delete the folder and execute 'git worktree prune' will definitely help. Visually marking worktree-repo in Repositories view with specialized tooltip is a must too.

Need worktree support. very useful when maintain a big repository.

I support Kolomon's proposal.

It can be as simple by copying the "Repsoitory > Clone..." menu item. With the difference of only selecting a local repository and the git command is a "worktree add" instead of a "clone".


Some small enhancement of the current state of the "add worktree" dialog would be the option to add woktrees for branches that only exists remotely. So in fact creating a new local branch that is tracking the remote branch (the "-b <new-branch>" option of git worktee add). I often observe that users that are less used to git got confused that they need to create the local branch first.


Removing a worktree would be nice.


If you need more worktree commands than in 18.2 available, please request them separately.