Branches view: allow more than one path hierarchy for grouping of path-like branch names

mhoss 6 years ago updated by Davide Crivelli 1 year ago 5

Allow more than one path hierarchy for grouping of path-like branch names

e.g. issue/internal/DEV-XYZ

Branches view

This would be great! 
sometimes users put a '/' in their branchname, and this destroys the overview.
Other than that it would seem logical to have more than 1 layer of grouped branches in SmartGit.

This should apply to Tags also.

Less importantly, an even further option could be to display the complete reference namespace, including special refs, in a truly hierarchical manner. There's the unnamed root node, it's children are the special refs like "HEAD", "MERGE_HEAD" etc., and the "ref" subtree. Each internal node, i.e. inclusive the root, "refs/", "refs/heads", "refs/remotes" etc. have the appearance and functionality as requested above. E.g. I often would like to toggle between seeing all references and seeing an arbitrary subset of references, which I would get by a checkbox associated with the root node. Similarly, I often would need that checkbox for the /refs/remotes subtree. 


This request is 5 years old!
And albeit so many votes, is still not taken care of!

This is an important feature!

Can we have an answer from the Smartgit devs here, is there even a plan to resolve the issue??

Integrations with tools like atlassian bitbucket/jira helps creating prefixes to group branches based on usual '/' depending on the task type (feature, bug, ...), the problem comes when multiple users need personal branches, in this case to avoid first level folders floading it is be helpful to nest these branches as "personal" but SmartGit doen't handle a second level of folders