GitLab: enhanced integration [SG-9710]

Marc Strapetz 8 years ago updated 4 years ago 18

Support for displaying merge requests, like for the GitHub integration

Hosting provider

I'd also like to be able to mange GitLab issues via SmartGit.


What do you mean by managing issues ?

Are you aware of the Git Bugtraq integration in SmartGit ?


I would love Merge Request integration.

The GitLab Flow is described here: https://about.gitlab.com/2014/09/29/gitlab-flow/

I certainly would appreciate the enhanced GitLab integration. Especially the merge request integration is really needed in our team. Is this Feature already planed for an upcoming release?


+1. It would be great to see the following enhancements to GitLab integration:

  • Merge Request -- be great to see a list of merge requests with status, filtering, etc.
  • Issues -- be great to see a list of issues with status, labels, filtering, etc.
  • Builds -- If project has CI enabled, show build status for each commit. Be great to also show pipeline, etc.

For Merge Requests and Issues, I don't personally feel it would be necessary to support accepting, responding, etc. Feel like it would be sufficient to view the information and clicking on the request would open a web browser to the correct GitLab page where the user can take action.

For Issues it would also be great to have some notification when new issues are submitted; don't think a desktop notification is required... maybe a flashing icon?


For my company (ENGIE - INEO Systrans - France - 50 outdated licences) and for me (as a private paid customer) we are mostly interested by :

  • Merge Request -- list of merge requests status and actions.
  • Builds -- If project has CI enabled, show build status for each merge request, and if possible for each branch. Be great to also show pipeline.

GitLab merge requests and comments and OAuth-support will be present in the next 18.2 preview build. Regarding issues, builds, ... please post new topics, explaining in detail how you would like to see this information integrated.

Is this feature only available with gitlab.com, or should it work also with a self-hosted GITLab?

I tried the Preview 10 and could not activate/find the merge-request of the Repo.

I have cloned the project with the appropriate hosting provider.

It works with both gitlab.com and self-hosted instances. Do you have configured your GitLab server in the Preferences, section Hosting Providers?

Thanks for the Answer.

Yes i have configured the Provider.
My Configuration:

But if I clone a repository, then this has the following remote:


Please contact smartgit@syntevo.com and include a detailed description of which steps you are taking and where results become unexpected.

I have a version 19.1.8 , but there is no gitab merge request integration. how can i turn it on?

Did you follow the setup procedure, as explained at: http://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/GitLab ?

Please contact smartgit@syntevo.com and send us logs according to: https://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/Debugging