Azure DevOps integration (like GitHub, Bitbucket)

hrant 3 years ago updated by Hrvoje Hudo 1 year ago 6

Visual Studio Team Services is a popular and common tool among .net developers.

Although SmartGit can clone / pull ... from the Git repo, it is lacking proper integration similar to Github.

For example it would be desired to be able to do Pull Requests from within SmartGit, rather than jumping to another tool.

Would also be nice if vsts work items could be connected to commits, like it's done in Visual Studio.

Keeping access token encoded and not as plain text will be a good start!

you can now change this to Azure DevOps Server since tfs is renamed by microsoft


I could work with simple azure DevOps repositories without any problem. After configuring pre-merge validation, I needed to create Pull Requests to send my changes to the repository. It would be great, if my favourite tool - SmartGit could do it.

Seeing PRs would be a great thing ...