Support octopus-merge strategy

Sync 3 years ago updated by Colin Richardson 3 years ago 1

When collecting patches from several branches, an octopus-merge makes it clear that this particular merge-commit is meant to combine several branches (rather than merging or cherry-picking them one by one). 

Currently, SmartGit does not support this, although the Log does support displaying the result of an octopus merge.  We still need to merge via command line first.

One simple implementation is to check for conflicts first (whether literal or logical conflict), and disallow it if any conflicts exist.  i.e. restrict it to a clean merges only.

To get around the conflict problem, you could:

  1. Allow you to merge multiple branches to working tree. (Currently only 1 is allowed at a time)

    This would give you the opportunity to resolve conflicts.
  2. Keep track of all the branches that have been merged from.
  3. On the final commit screen, you could still have your "Merge commit" or "Simple commit" dialog, but rather than say multiple parents, could have it count the parents out.