Remember opened windows after exiting with `File -> Exit`

Bugged 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

For example, if you have the Google Chrome setting `Continue where you left off`, enabled:

And you exit Google Chrome with `File -> Exit`, or you computer just crashes (i.e., abruptly restarts), the next time you open Google Chrome, it restores (i.e., opens back) all opened windows and tabs.

Currently, if I have 2 Working Tree opened, each one with a different repository and I do `File  -> Exit` with SmartGit, the next time SmartGit reopens, it will open back only one (1) window, with the 2 repositories opened.

This behavior is not desired because if I had two (2) windows opened, each one with a different repository open, I would like for SmartGit to keep it that way, the next time I open it.

It also would be nive if SmartGit can:

  1. Restore my two (2) opened windows, in case my computer crashes (i.e., abruptly restarts)
  2. Also restore any Log Window, in case I had one of them opened.