Allow to change the redo keyboard shortcut because some keyboards as mine do not accept this key combination.

Bugged 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 4

When I am editing text on the Commit dialog:

I can undo stuff with `Ctrl+Z`, but I cannot redo stuff with `Ctrl+Shift+Z` because my keyboard does not support the combination of `Ctrl+Shift+Z`.

Ideally, I should be able to remap it to `Ctrl+Y` as Google Chrome, Sublime Text, Microsoft Words, probably all software I have known binds it to by default.

I also would like this option.  I use SmartGit via X.11 forwarding to my mac.  And I would love to remap my keybord shortcut into SmartGit so it uses the native CMD-c, etc.. (instead of CTL-c).  I know it is possible, because it is a feature supported by CLion.

A lot of shortcuts (those available in menus) you can reassign: Edit | Customize. Unfortunately, this does not apply to hardcoded ones for special controls.

Hm, Ctrl+Y is mapped to Delete Line.

So, while I expect to redo my work, and `Ctrl+Y` erases even more? I see no problem in allowing me to remap `Ctrl+Y` to redo.