Log Graph: filter for two or more commits

griscom 3 years ago updated by Patrick Lehmann 3 years ago 1

When working with submodules, in the parent repo you'll see the start/end commit of the submodule, along with the comments, but you can't see the actual changed in the submodule. You can open a log view of the submodule, but then you have to select the two commits; it's easy to filter for the first one using the SHA, but then there's no way to find the second one without unselecting the first.

What if you could filter for two separate SHAs in the "Filter" field? You'd then enter the two SHAs, click and command-click the two commits, and bingo: you'd see the diff.

Possible options:

  • Have a separator character (probably not, as you'd want to be able to search through commit text)
  • Allow extended regex (e.g. "(01010101|02020202)")
  • ... something else?


Shouldn't we request for a commit1..commit2 diff based on the submodule update in the parent?

What if the following view of a submodule update wouldn't just show IDs, Authors and Dates, but also a diff button to open the submodule in a diff window? Maybe the view could also present a preview what files have changed.