Drag/Drop diff between entries in the Graph window.

gerd.hoeren 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 4

I recently switched from Perforce to SmartGit.  I miss not being able to drag a submission over over a different one and display diffs between these two versions.  To be useful, the diff needs to use the external tool that I've selected (e.g. Araxis diff).

In SmartGit you don't need to drag/drop to see a diff. Just select the 2 commits you want to diff. Then open the external file compare from the changed files in the Files view.

Thanks for the explanation, Thomas. That's what I was looking for.

I hadn't tried" RMB:Show Changes" in the Files view.  I tried drag/drop in the graph view (what I'm used to from Perforce).  When that didn't work, I looked for "Show Changes" in the context menu of my second selection in the Graph window.

Double-click in the Files view also invokes Show Changes. Because the File compare tools only support files, it needs to be triggered on the file level, not on the commit level.