Log: verify and denote validity of commit and tag signatures

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago updated by Paul Pehrson 2 years ago 4

SmartGit 20.1 already denotes signed tags and commits (in the Branches view and Log graph) by black key symbols.

SmartGit should also verify these signatures (if possible) and denote:

- signature OK
- signature could not be verified (bad?)
- signature unknow

Would be great ! And preferably in color. Verify OK = green, NOT OK = red and impossible to verify  = another color ...

Without having done any experiments, I'm not so sure we will actually do that in the Log Graph but rather just in the Commit's view (as suggested elsewhere), due to performance reasons. Of course, coloring in the Commit's view should be no issue.

Oké, in my opinion that should be sufficient. When the "commit window" is visible along side the "Log graph window" a simple click on this log will reveal the key's status in the "commit window".

Would be nice to see in the Journal too. Is that a possibility?