Pull/Push: allow to cancel

AdamJensen 1 year ago updated by AdemJensen 4 months ago 13

Sometimes when pushing, it often fails (Especially in Mainland China), I would like to cancel it instead of waiting for it.

So it's only about Pull/Push? If so, I will change the subject.

Anything involves internet connections, pull, push, refresh, fetch, etc.

I would like to have a "Background Tasks" window like IDEA:

For which exact background tasks? What are the benefits?

I mean, we can get a "background tasks" window for all the git command calls.

Users can click the status bar to see what git commands are being executed, and cancel some of the tasks which takes too much time. Currently the SmartGit only displays a "busy" sign, but not able to see anything more.

You can see all executed and currently executing commands in Window|Output. You can also cancel a Clone there.

I see, but I would prefer making it a pop-up window like IDEA, keep the "output" window as a "command history" would sound more logical.

The key is to view the ongoing tasks quickly, by using a little pop-up, we don't have to open a large panel "output".

Thanks, I understand now. Please post as this as new topic.

Where is this cancel button that is being mentioned in various sources online? I've never seen it, currently am using version 21.2.2.

Currently we dont have cancel button, the image above was a screenshot from IntelliJ idea, I am putting it on for a reference.

Such as "Cloning XX project", "Pushing XX project", and a cancel button to abort the task.

Cancel fetch queue

I usually select a bunch of repos and hit Fetch.  Sometimes, I want to cancel the queue.

Hope this ticket covers this case too.