gitconfig error message detail

awol 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 2

My global user gitconfig had an error in it.  This caused SmartGit to lose all connections to my repos, however there was no informative reason given for why the repo could not be opened.

Request: More informative error messages so cause of issue can be remedied faster.

When I tried to open a repo, I got this message:

When I try to re-add the repo I got this message:

I had to use Github Desktop (!!!) to get an informative error message:

Once I fixed the .gitconfig error the repo correctly connected in SmartGit.

This problem took 15 mins to resolve instead of 1 min had the issue been described in more detail (or a link to error log files provided).


SmartGit 21.1 will show the information that the user config can't be read.

Great to hear, thank you!