conventional-changelog support

Michał Sochoń 1 month ago updated by Jeff Jensen 1 month ago 4

Would be nice to allow formatting commits in the window according to conventiona-changelog format.


Some rough ideas:
- detect if the repo contains files used commonly with conventional changelog and provide popup hints for message formatting (or even some libs which would check the commit messages) or maybe gray text with suggestion of the format
- maybe a radio button which would change the UI from classic to 'conventional-changelog' and would then present dropdown menu like 'fix...', second field with optional scope, third field with commit title, body window with more details, and footer section to write end notes, radio selector 'breaking change' + reason.
- look how JetBrains tools already integrate it in their apps? (don't have any but afair they use it)

Thanks. Could you please illustrate by an example? What files? When exactly should SmartGit offer what message formatting/radio button? Please try to explain as detailed as possible to someone who does not know "convential changelog", because this increases the likelyhood of an implementation.

OK, unfortunately it's really useful to read about conventional changelog to implement it properly, that's why I gave an url to it.
It's just boils don to proper parsing of the commit message so that it can be processed by other tools.

Below url to my visualization idea:
left - classic view that is right now
right - if radio buton is selected then we can see other message layout

commit type should be dropdown from predefined values or just auto-fill suggestion when writing first letters
also if something is a breaking change then it automatically adds message to the footer with 'BREAKING-CHANGE: text' message

When clicking back to clasissic commit message type then it would just copy messages to the left with properly formatted commit message. Switching back again to conventional-commit it would fill back fields as they were (or maybe auto-parse existing message from left.


I suggest adding a "Commit Message Preview" box showing the resulting commit message.