Pull: don't show configuration dialog

Mike Kholomeev 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 2


I'd like to propose to change UI action of "Pull" toolbar button

IMHO, it is not correct when you need to make two times more clicks in order to achieve an intended action.

- "Pull" toolbar button must not open any popups. It must process with Pull action with the lastest(default) pull configuration.

 Pull configuration can be changed via the menu "Remote/Pull..."

Please note, that Pull might be a destructive operation - it can product conflicts, especially if there are local changes. I would prefer to avoid getting reports about: "SmartGit screwed up my files when I clicked into the SmartGit window."

Note, that the toolbar commands perform exactly the same as the corresponding main menu item.

Thanks for the reply.

In the scope of "Pull might be a destructive operation.." - the current implementation, with the popup window, doesn't give any additional layer of protection against this. And if there are conflicts then SmartGit automatically creates Stash.

So I see no differences except additional clicks.

Just wondering, as an alternative - is it appropriate to create an additional "Pull" button that will pull with the latest config?