Open repository in browser for known providers

Kanstantsin Kamkou 3 months ago updated by quincunx 2 months ago 1

Hi smartgit! (cc: @Thomas)

Please consider adding "open repository in a browser" option or add mapping to the settings (please also pre-map github, bitbucket, etc.). Nowadays teams become obsessed with microservices, it is pretty handy feature.

refs: https://smartgit.userecho.com/en/communities/1/topics/952-open-remote-repository-in-browser

Thank you. K.

I'd suggest to use the great (external) tools feature in SmartGit for this!

Clone https://github.com/paulirish/git-open somewhere on your computer. Putting the script onto PATH is options (but you could benefit from it when you use the command line, too).

Then, in SmarGit, go to Edit > Preferences > Tools and add a new entry.

Let the command field point to the (full) path of git-open (if you haven't put it onto PATH, otherwise the command is "${git}")

As argument, add "${remoteUrl}" (or "open ${remoteUrl}" if you used "${git}" as command).

SmartGit should show a new context menu item now, allowing you to run the external tool, opening the repository in the browser. This even works for self-hosted instances, as it takes the remote URL.