Make it possible to add an empty folder to a repository

Markus2021 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 4

Allow to add an empty folder to a repository and put that under version control. This is useful if somebody wants to define a folder structure to be used by some other developer but has no contents yet for these folders as that content shall be generated by the other developer.


Git does not support to manage empty folders.

That is a massive shortcoming of Git and should be fixed as soon as possible. Yes, taht's not your fault, but you're closer to the Git folks...

It's actually a smart decision of Git's design and will most likely never be changed. You may find more information here:


Our views differ: I'd never claim this decision to be smart. For me it's just inflexible. But it wasn't made by you and you cannot work around that, even if you'd see the value in it and tried.