Mass checkout or group actions on common-name branches in different projects

maL oun 4 weeks ago updated 4 weeks ago 0

Hello and thank you for such great app!

I want to to propose you a simple feature.

Currently when you select two or more projects together, the branches window does not show anything. The reason why, is because of this selection is using for making groups.

So I want propose to show in this case the "common-name branches" of these projects or a group. And allow users to do group actions on them, such as mass-checkout or delete or commit or else.

I want show you, what it looks normal in your app design. 

See picture from right, I added a red line arrow and brace to show selected projects and their common branches in branches window.

This will be the great feature to save time of people who working on task in several projects at once. You can see other users asking this feature: User[1]User[2]User[3]

Thanks for your work and patience. Best wishes to SmartGit!