Support running on Linux arm64/aarch64

iuri 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 1

I have a license for SmartGit from my company and recently I switched to a M1 Max MacBook Pro. However, due to my work, I have to run a Linux virtual machine and use SmartGit inside that virtual machine. Because the processor architecture is arm64/aarch64, there is no SmartGit for Linux arm64/aarch64. 

I am aware that SmartGit for Apple silicon is available but I would need to use it on Linux.

Thank you.

Thank you.

For later reference:

On Ubuntu 22.04 arm64 server (ubuntu-desktop package installed), I downloaded the SmartGit Linux x64 bundle, I removed the included jre and git directories, I then installed openjdk-11-jre and git with apt and now I can now run SmartGit.

It would still be nice to have directly a downloadable Linux aarch64 bundle, but at least it works now :-)