Log, Filter: improve search for 'Content' in files

Maciej Andrzejewski 3 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 1

Better search for 'Content' in files.

This feature basicaly works but it is not usable in most of time so I have to fallback to command line and user 'git grep' to find what I need *in seconds*.

The way I use it now:

In the log screen I type searched string and check the 'Content' type.

The commits are being searched and now there are two problems:

First problem: The 'Files' view will not get filled/updated with searched data until whole repository search is completed. In big repositories that means I will never get the results and can wait for ages. Using 'git grep' I complete this part in seconds. It would be great to have *a button to stop searching* for commits and start analyzing the 'Files' output.

Second problem: When I select the found commit the 'Files' view now contains all the files that have been changed in that commit. If the commit contains dozens of changed files I have to manually check each file and manully search for phrase I have been searching in the first place. I understand that 'Files' view always shows the files in the commit so maybe add posibility in the 'File Filter' search box to additionaly only filter files based on typed content?

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