Visually differentiate local vs. pushed Tags

Sync 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 6

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From the log, I am not able to determine whether a Tag is local-only, or has been pushed to Remote as well.


Local-only tags = translucent background

Pushed tags = solid background (as it is today)


There is no way to determine from the locally available information whether a tag is local only or exists in a remote as well.

Is not possible check on remote git which tags exists then compare with local ones?

This could take some time and the refresh performance would become worse.


I would assume just:

  1. Call "git show-ref --tags | grep -v -F "$(git ls-remote --tags <remote name> | grep -v '\^{}' | cut -f 2)""
  2. If a Tag of interest is listed, then it's local only.
  3. Display the Tag differently.

This is no purely local operation and hence would take a significant time.

This entire topic may be related to the way you use tags: for instance, we are pushing tags immediately on creation, because we consider tags to be server-side always and don't have "local tags". Anything which is local will be a branch.