"Query > Show Changes With >" Tool Sub-menu

Bryce Schober 4 years ago 0

I have an external diff viewer that I usually prefer, so it's places first in the list of diff utilities, but sometimes, it's not actually the best tool for the job, and I'd like to use the internal file comparison viewer. It would be awesome if the Query menu could have a "Show Changes With >" Sub-menu that let you select from any tool in the configured list of Diff Tools.

The same goes for the conflict solvers. It would be awesome to have a "Query > Solve Conflicts With >" Sub-menu. In different use cases, one tool can be better than the other, and I'd love to have the option to easily use any of the configured tools without changing the tool orders in the preferences every time.

I'm not asking for this to be available in the right-click menus, because it would clutter too much, but I think the Query menu would handle the addition just fine.