Implement an equivalent of git check-ignore -v

Pierre Goiffon 3 years ago 0

Sometimes you can't understand why a specific folder/file is ignored... On the CLI the git check-ignore -v is perfect for such use case. Would be nice to have something implemented directly in SmartGit, with a nice output !

Do you mean something like Local | Reveal Ignore File?

I don't think so ?

Here's an example of the git check-ignore command :

$ git check-ignore -v .
www/itop/.gitignore:12:/conf    .

Indeed I add a root .gitignore, and made a specific subdirectory indexed (!/www/...)... but this rule had no effect. With the check-ignore command I was abel to see the directory was ignored because of another .gitignore in the tree that I totally forgot about.


What information is missing in Local | Reveal Ignore File?

Woops sorry : I answered after using the option directly without selecting anything...

So now I see, after enabling ignored files display and selecting one of them that I get the .gitignore file and its corresponding directive ! Just missing the directive line then...