When dragging a commit, provide better visual feedback?

griscom 4 years ago 0

When dragging a branch tag, SmartGit shows the tag moving along with the cursor, which is great feedback as to what is happening. When dragging a commit, though, just a small, dotted rectangle is dragged, which makes it hard to know what's happening. Even worse, if the commit isn't selected before the drag begins, then the dragged commit isn't selected during the drag, so you actually could be dragging something completely different than you think (tested on OS X 10.10.5). 


  • When the user starts dragging a commit, select the commit before starting the drag
  • Provide better visual feedback on the item being dragged

The visual feedback could be done in a number of ways, including

  • Show a rectangle that matches the visual size of the commit (the height of one commit and the width of the "Commits" pane)
  • Show the message of the commit being dragged