Maintain state of Stash reveal arrow in Branches pane

griscom 4 years ago updated by W. Gauch 4 years ago 1

I like to see the list of stashes awaiting my attention, so I always keep the "reveal" triangle open on the "Stash" list in the "Branches" pane. However, SmartGit keeps closing it for me.

- If I close and reopen the application, the list always reappears closed.

- If I delete the last stash (the "Stash" list disappears, which is fine), and then add a new Stash, the list again reappears closed

It would be nice if SmartGit remembered my preference and kept the Stash list at its previous state.

I'd like the same functionality for all triangles. Pull Requests are hidden as soon as you finished the last one, and when new requests come in, you have to open them again - easy to overlook.