Log, Changes view: show at least submodule SHA for uninitialized submodules

griscom 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 4 years ago 0

I'm doing development with a repository that has enormous submodules (e.g. linux, buildroot). In one of my environments (OS X, where I can't build but can easily view and edit) I haven't initialized the repositories, as it would suck down lots of bandwidth and disk space for no gain.

Unfortunately, when I look through the history, I can see that the submodules change, but there's no information as to what the changes are (the "Changes" panel just says "Submodule repository XXXX not found". Of course, the parent repository just changed the target commit in the submodule, and without the submodule present I couldn't see the files that change. However, it would be useful to know the commit SHA so I could look elsewhere and see just what changed.

So, request: when viewing a log for a repository with uninitialized submodules, the log should show the change in the commit SHA (even if the full information of the commit can't be seen).