Indicate that a commit has been reverted in a later commit

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In the Log Graph, if a particular commit (A) has been reverted in a future commit (B), add some indicator on commit A to highlight this status.

Ways to highlight include italicizing the text, graying out (graying out is being used for merge-commits), strike-through, different color, different font, smaller font size, etc.  (I vote for strike-through).

Benefits: When reading a graph from bottom to top, it would be helpful to tell the user that this particular commit has been reverted.  This allows the user to get even more meaningful data from the log. 
I find it particularly useful when writing Release Notes, or to avoid making quick assumptions that a particular feature has been implemented just because a commit for it exists.

Potential implementation:  It may be taxing to the CPU to scan the entire repository, so we could limit it to just visible commits (branches/refs that are checked).

See initial brainstorming page on Google Groups:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/smartgit/_ARrXyUQzFU