Log: Add "Reveal in Branches Tab" (opposite of "Reveal Commit")

Sync 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 3

Log Graph:  When right-clicking on a green branch or yellow tag, add an option to "Reveal in Branches Tab" so that I can easily uncheck it if I want to.

Currently, if I want to removehide a branch from the log, I would need to do a manual search in the Branches Tab, then uncheck that branch.  This is a time waster if the repo contains lots of branches.

I don't want to delete it, I just want to quickly uncheck it and hide it from the graph.

Here's the use case:

  • Checked all branches to have a clear picture of current repo state.
  • Incrementally remove branches from the graph to narrow down my investigation.
  • Currently, have to switch the Branches view to flat (from Grouped), then search the branch that I want to hide ... <--- would like to simplify this step.

For this use-case I'd rather would request to allow to unselect the branch "anchor" from the Commits view.