Log window: provide Index and working tree operations (so it can be used as alternate main window)

Marc Strapetz 3 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 3 days ago 3

The Log window should show Index and working tree and provide (almost) the same operations as the main window. The Repositories view should also be added. The ultimate goal is to make the Log window powerful enough so it can replace the main window for those users which prefer a Log-style Git client over a File Command-style one (as SmartGit's main window currently is).

This is a kind of meta issue and includes:




It's an alternative to:


I, as a user, completely support this proposal to make Log window as powerful as the main window. Actually I kind of thought of making it third/alternate perspective in the main window. I miss it while Splitting/Squashing/Reordering commits, currently I had to use Journal in main window, that lacks the ability to see the committed changes right away. Also, it makes perfect sense for things like Edit Commit Message and etc.

Wondering if this feature is in plans for the release 18 stream?  It's my biggest usability issue - opening and closing log windows a lot - so hoping for the Repositories view on the log window.

It is not planned for 18.1, but maybe 18.2.