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Wondering if this feature is in plans for the release 18 stream?  It's my biggest usability issue - opening and closing log windows a lot - so hoping for the Repositories view on the log window.

In case this helps, I have the repositories in groups and use

  right-click on group -> Open Repository | Open Repository in New Window

I use the Open Repository in New Window one all the time to keep open a group of repos and also open another repo group.

fixup! with "Rebase Interactive From..." is working well in 18.1 preview 1 !  Thank you for adding that, I missed having it and used command line instead.

And correctly indent the second and subsequent lines for bulleted lists (e.g. lines that begin with * or -).  e.g.:

* This is my list that wraps

  onto multiple lines with a

  formatted paragraph and indent.

Any chance of adding this to one of the 17.1 patch releases vs waiting for 18.1?

> "minimize" means to show the tray icon only after the (last) window has been minimized

Good point, agreed.

> alternatives to "nest in system tray"

The word "nest" confused me until I tried it.  Yes, I like "Show system tray icon".  It doesn't say "what for/features", but it lets me know it will display an icon in the tray and I can see what its features are.

By design, the main window is for committing (a la "git gui") and the log window is for reviewing (a la "gitk").  While this works, it was an inconvenience with those apps too.

Whether or not merge main and log windows into one window or not, improving the navigability (e.g. repository view) and index use (e.g. index and workspace diffs and actions) of log window will help improve usability by reducing the need to continually switch between windows.

Yes, if moving most/all of main window functionality into log window, then can rely on the main window much less or not at all: 

  1. I love the view layout customization feature - location, widths - allowing each user to prioritize what matters for the way they work.  Adding repository view to log window is the only one missing for me and would enable the navigability (stopping need to use main window or find the open log window to look at the log of another repo).
  2. Adding index usage actions to log window is the next good feature that would further reduce need for main window.

> I feel silly now, how did I miss that!

I didn't know what "Nest" meant ("Minimize" is my familiarity), perhaps that's why!?