Ctrl + P tool menu (Search)

Mathias 8 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 5 years ago 8

Similar to Sublime Text, Atom and gitkraken I would love to see two menus:

Ctrl + P: fuzzy search files in a repo and execute commands on the file (blame, log, etc.)

Ctrl + Shift + P: access (git) command palette (basically all commands known to git)

Both commands are global (in terms of focused window) and bound to the currently selected repository.

Missing Git feature
Under review

How will that be different to the File table filter?

It's better :-) It's easy to access, fast and consistent (for people how work with the aforementioned tools).In terms of the file search, it's an iteration on the file table filter.

Under review

In your opinion what should be searched for - file names (of open repositories), repository names/paths, branches, tags, commit IDs (could be a long list when just having typed 1 char)?

I think the default for Ctrl+P should be the files of the current repository. But it could also be interesting to have quick filters.

Normal operation:

Ctrl+P opens menu -> typing start file search -> Enter -> git commands that can be executed on that file

Quick filter operation:

Ctrl+P opens menu -> typing "branch your_branch_name" starts searching branches -> Enter -> git commands that can be executeed on that branch (delete, checkout, etc.)

There could be other quick filters: commit, repo, author, tags, etc.

Listary is a good example how these filter could look like for file searches.

I too find I keep pressing Ctrl+P to "File Filter" but instead presented with the Pull Dialog..

But that is mainly because I am used to the Chrome Development Panel File Search and Eclipse. (Though, Eclipse's default is Ctrl+Shift+R, I remapped it to Ctrl+P to match Chrome.

I would like this feature to be able to search for branch.


Please give the latest 18.1 preview a try with Ctrl+F1 and Ctrl+Shift+F1 shortcuts.