Respect git submodule ignore = dirty

Kenneth Lausdahl 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 1

Currently changes in a submodule which is configured with ignore = dirty is shown in Smartgit (7.1.4 #6127, installed: #6097) but not in the command line version of git. Smartgit should respect the ignore = dirty flag and not show these changes.

For instance the following .gitmodules causes the git bash command to ignore any untracked file inside lib/common-libs, but SmartGit still shows the untracked files:

[submodule "lib/common-libs"]
        path = lib/common-libs
        url = git@
        ignore = untracked

To make matters worse, gitignore entries in the parent repository seem to have no effect on submodule folders, so there is currently no way to ignore submodule changes. I'm working on very small projects that depend on very large submodules, bringing SmartGit to a crawl.